The Network Place: Simplifying Digital Document Management

Damien Mc Clave, President & CEO
With over a decade of experience, The Network Place (TNP) provides tools and services to clients across various industries for the digital organization of business documents. Their focus is to eliminate paper and establish an organized filing and efficient document retrieving in small to medium-sized enterprise organizations. The delivery vehicle for that are tools— software applications and hardware devices; and services—document digitizing and solution customization. Damien Mc Clave, President and CEO, TNP, shares, “Businesses can benefit from our highly-integrated offerings where we directly control the Document Management (DM) process including hardware, software, and services, without relying on any third-parties.”

TNP offers DocPlace, an enterprise-class Document Management System (DMS), which enables enterprises to easily find, organize, and manage paper or electronic documents with powerful technology engineered for driving measurable improvements in efficiency across all office departments. It is a document management solution that enables businesses and organizations to easily capture their documents from any known source. Once captured, documents are seamlessly integrated into a company’s processes and environment. DocPlace is a link that integrates documents with other business applications, such as ERP accounting systems, but also provides a repository for document storage and retrieval.

The DocPlace experience can be enhanced with ViewPoint, which is cloud-based storage solution that allows access to documents from any location. Businesses can start intuitively from basic single-user, simple-classification scenarios and build as they go, creating advanced multi-departmental, complex-classification scenarios. This system enables every office worker to instantly begin organizing documents digitally without any IT assistance.

A case study that demonstrates how TNP was instrumental in addressing key business challenges involves one of the world’s largest multinational banking corporations that required help structuring and unifying their document output. The bank wanted to streamline the approval and review flow for the numerous transactions that were being generated on a daily basis.

Our aim is to extract the pieces of enterprise DM technology that we have evolved in the past decade and bring it to the masses

These documents, usually called tickets, spanned an assortment of transaction types across multiple departments with varying approval and review responsibilities. TNP provided a customized solution using DocPlace Business Doc-flow Foundation (DBDF) and Advanced Document Routing and Approval for DBDF (ADRA). DBDF is a document processing service that enables automated capturing, page filtering, conversion and enhancement, data extraction, page removal, and structured filing to DocPlace. The addition of the ADRA framework extended DBDF with document routing and approval functionalities. This comprehensive solution enabled the bank to capture hard copies and electronic documents by extracting data points from the actual pages. It was then able to use the ticket type to determine the proper route path and sequence, notifying recipients of interest with the flow outcome until the document was archived. TNP’s solution boosted productivity here so dramatically that the bank was able to accurately process over 1,000 tickets per day up from an average of 70 they were able to process manually.

TNP continues to actively develop their products to expand their offerings and improve existing functionality based on customer feedback. Their newest innovation is called Smart Document which creates a rich document reproduction that preserves the business context better than a scanned file, which is simply a photo image. Mc Clave explains, “Our aim is to extract the pieces of enterprise DM technology that we have evolved in the past decade and bring it to the masses. What differentiates us is our excellent user experience with tight device integration and instant usage patterns, while at the same time retaining the robustness of the enterprise solutions.”

The Network Place

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Damien Mc Clave, President & CEO

Provides tools and services for the digital organization of business documents

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