MaxRecall Technologies: Putting Documents to Work

David Hendrickson, COO
Most organizations today are floating in a virtual sea of disparate documents—paper, faxes, emails, EDI—sent from various systems in varied formats. This worrying scenario has probed the CIOs of such institutions to look for a flexible DMS (Document Management System) platform that can efficiently capture, transact, index and retrieve documents. “Most stakeholders are looking to improve the ways in which they can process the data contained in the documents required to run their businesses,” delineates David Hendrickson, COO, MaxRecall Technologies. Based in Atlanta, the firm helps its customers with document management solutions that easily and efficiently integrate with industry application solutions. “By putting documents to work, MaxRecall solutions can automate many high-volume document-based ERP transactions and corresponding document indexing tasks to improve enterprise access to both information and documents,” adds Hendrickson.

Over the years, MaxRecall’s vision has evolved, to focus on two key areas; generating operating efficiencies and improving their customer’s businesses with consultation services—that leverages more than 140 years of cross-industry experience to review document-based business processes and identify improvement opportunities. “This provides customers with options or actions they can take by adjusting current processes or business rules before considering technology investments and gives them steps or paths towards leveraging document-based process automation,” explains Hendrickson.

The firm’s product that goes by the same name as the company, automatically organizes the related information contained in clients’ documents for fast retrieval once it is captured and indexed. “Our security and access control functionality allows management to configure the proper level of user security—by team and individual—for both files and data,” remarks Hendrickson. MaxRecall then leverages master data and transactional data relationships that exist within ERP and other line-of-business systems to provide users with the ability to capture, transact, store and retrieve complete end-to-end document threads for business processes that they are authorized to perform. Organizations with multiple locations or distributed operations benefit significantly from having one source of truth or one “place” to process documents for transactions, storage and retrieval.

Our integrated launch points from within ERP systems also improve users’ access to information

“Our integrated launch points from within ERP systems also improve users’ access to information,” states Hendrickson.

In addition, the firms’ Document-based Business Process Review (DBPR) provides customers with a range of recommendations that can start with small changes in manual user processes and progress towards automating those manual transactions. Usually when evaluating a business process flow, many recommendations for process improvement are made that are not necessarily linked to technology while other recommendations identify ways to improve process throughout and enable scalability using the right level of automation. “Our customers depend on us for balanced guidance on user-focused versus technology-focused solutions,” adds Hendrickson.

Clients are also benefitted by the firm’s application support services. “We have the flexibility to build tailored applications that work around missing or incomplete ERP functionality to meet business process requirements without modifying ERP code,” adds Hendrickson. The firm conducts and records quarterly MaxRecall University webinars designed to address recurring questions and issues that surface during support and deployment interactions.

The firm’s DMS solutions are built on the pillars of Business Process Management and Lean-Six Sigma concepts. “We focus on document-based business process automation and are working towards enabling our customers with the ability to define processes, track workflow activity, monitor system performance, generate timely alerts for corrective action, and provide data that drives improvements,” informs Hendrickson.

Moving forward, MaxRecall Technologies will be investing in technologies and talent to rapidly develop and deploy web-based on-premise, hosted and cloud-based solutions that will improve the way document-based business processes are designed, measured, analyzed, and controlled

MaxRecall Technologies

Atlanta, GA

David Hendrickson, COO

Document management solutions that can easily and efficiently integrate with industry application solutions

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