20 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers - 2018

20 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers - 2018

The document management systems of today while effectively phasing out paper have fuelled innovation in terms of management of data, storage, and retrieval. Today, with cloud-powered document management systems, data capture from different sources is becoming easier than ever. Moreover, next-generation technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence are being combined with electronic filing systems to create efficient document capture, index, and retrieval system for businesses.

Modern document management solutions are equipped with user access authorization to manage confidential data as well as change information existing in the database. In the wake of cloud technology, security has augmented as document management software is being designed to provide additional encryption features to prevent data breaches or mismanagement.

To improve the productivity of a business, document management providers are offering workflow capabilities with common templates for repetitive tasks into the software. Additionally, the new document management systems are integrating with software such as AutoCAD, DraftSight, and Microsoft Office to create a common interface and one-stop solution for all business documentation needs.

The document management ecosystem is filled with countless solutions, which makes selecting the right solution provider a cumbersome process for CIOs. Our distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, industry analysts, and the editorial board of CIOReview has narrowed the final 20 document management solution providers that exhibit competence in delivering best-in-class document tracking and management models.

We present to you CIOReview’s ‘20 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers - 2018’

Company Name

Company Description

DocsCorp Offers enterprise-level email recipient checking, metadata cleaning, and document comparison software
docSTAR Creator of a reliable document management software that automatically capture, classify, and index documents to reduce manual error
Docufree Provides document scanning solution to store, manage, and retrieve data securely
DocuXplorer Software Provides a unified document management solution to streamline workflow as well as manage, share, and archive files
Doxim Architects of Doxim Document Imaging that electronically capture documents
eFileCabinet Provides electronic data management solution to capture, securely manage, and retrieve data
eQuorum Offers on-premise easy-to-use, single source data management system to increase productivity
FileHold Producer of enterprise-grade document management solution at an affordable price
FileLEAP FileLEAP offers DocSurfer, a groundbreaking document management solution that easily and efficiently integrates with industry applications
Imaging Office Systems Offers a record and information management solution to support back office operation
iManage iManage offers work product management solutions that combine the power of artificial intelligence with market-leading content and email management
Integrated Partner Solutions Offers MechWorks PDM to streamline data management and optimize workflow processes
Laserfiche Developer of a secure document management solution that streamlines collaboration between multiple sources into a unified repository
M-Files Provides metadata-based document management solution that enable an organization to manage user access
MaxxVault Provides efficient document management software to process, distribute, and control corporate documents
MetaJure Offers a smart document management system to law firms that automatically crawls, indexes, and tags documents, folders, and emails
PaperSave Developers of a document management solution that increases efficiency by reducing manual data entry and providing easy access to data retrieval
Square 9 Softworks Automates paper intensive processes with an intuitive document management solution
The Network Place Provides efficient document management technology that capture,process, manage, store, and distribute data as per required format
Upland Software Architects of FileBound, a cloud-based document and workflow automation software that reduces cost of document management