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Brett Birky, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Companies in highly regulated industries such as Healthcare, FinancialServices, Life Sciences, and Government often struggle to manage their documents and communication programs due to a constantly changing and complex regulatory environment. These regulations can be vastly different at the local, state and national levels, which require businesses and agencies to develop effective ways to control communication across various platforms and channels, including print, digital and social media. These organizations also have to consistently update their branding and messaging strategies according to their standards. Additionally, whenever regulations and rules change, these companies need to communicate expeditiously, accurately and securely.

This is where KP an agile, multi platform and integrated solutions provider steps in. Driven by its mission to enable clients to work smarter and accomplish more with their multi channel,criticalcommunication programs, KP has designed data driven document composition and management solutions for these industries. “We serve highly regulated, compliance-oriented verticals that require stringent service levels for delivering secure and highly variable communication to important customers and recipients,” says Brett Birky, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, KP.

KP offers tools to archive and update templates. These tools take specific content and data points and assemble them to ultimately deliver documents to individual recipients utilizing both print and electronic/digital messaging. Most of these documents contain variable content across multiple pages. KP collaborates with its customers to define business rules that govern content and enhance programming efficiency, while maintaining document integrity. Once the documents are composed the KP workf low enables timely interaction for client review and approval. Following the clients’ approval, KP proceeds to production. “We analyze data and documents, design complex automated workflows, create templates, compose, and then produce and deliver these complex documents to the end customer or recipient. We ensure that the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time,” says Birky.
Working closely and actively collaborating with each client’s stakeholders, KP ensures that implementationsgo smoothly and align with business rules to drive predictable outcomes. The companycommits significant resources to enhance and maintain a robust security infrastructure to protect data, processes and facilities and mitigate risk for its customers. To handle its many complex critical communication programs, KP has also designed state of the art processesto manage complex data and then drive it into theirmulti-facility production platform. “We routinely route projectsto leverage plant capacity, which can only be realized through equipment and process redundancy. Two other advantages of our multi-facility model are business continuity and disaster recovery; which are critical requirements for our customers” says Birky.

We serve highly compliant, regulated verticals that adhere to stringent service levels for delivering critical communications to their customers

What truly sets KP apart from its competitors is its focus on people, technology, its multiple-facility platform, and financial strength. In the future, KP will continue to invest in its technology, production facilities, and people. This will enable them to enhance andimprove systems, add additional production capacity, recruit subject matter experts, and help clients achieve more with their print and digital communication programs. “We are proud of our team. Not only are they passionate about their work, but they are always focused on the objectives of our clients. Our people are what set us apart and are the most important reason for KP’s success”, concludes Birky.


San Leandro, CA

Brett Birky, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

KP develops, builds, and executes data-driven, complex integrated solutions within regulated and highly secure industries, including healthcare, financial, life sciences, government, retail, and other essential businesses.