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Mark Lugert, President
In today’s era of big data, organizations are overwhelmed with the ever-increasing volume of business documents generated from everyday activities. As the content volume grows considerably, information management has become challenging as a myriad of documents and files are dispersed across multiple digital applications, platforms, and repositories. Documents spread over multiple silos without governance can create immense problems for organizations. These include documents being misfiled, users not able to find the right information at the right time, access permissions becoming unmanageable, and of increasing importance privacy and security risks. These compelling challenges inspired the need for a well-designed document management platform to cohesively control documents for businesses across industries.

This business challenge became the focus of Texas-based Simflofy — leading to development of an advanced enterprise content management system with the same name. Launched in 2012, Simflofy is the brainchild of experts in content management, data, and integration. Simflofy allows organizations to efficiently and effectively capture, store, share, secure, and access content in disparate systems from a centralized location. “We are an integration platform at the core. Our vision is to become the middleware for unstructured data,” remarks Mark Lugert, president of Simflofy.

Simflofy’s document management solution seamlessly integrates to organizations’ other business apps and content management repositories, providing a single, powerful view on all content across the enterprise. Uniquely flexible, the platform comes with connectors to over fifty-five common content sources, repositories and applications such as Box, SharePoint, Salesforce, and MS Outlook. Using a number of intuitive and ingenious content management capabilities, including federation, synchronization, in-place records management, data discovery, migration capabilities, and many more that other document management systems fail to leverage, Simflofy has a large catalog of content management services. “We have full APIs and all the functionalities an organization requires to manage their unstructured data,” adds Lugert. As a complete content management platform, Simflofy manages and secures data, enhances workflows, and reduces compliance risks and costs, handling the full document life cycle across different systems.

Furthermore, Simflofy has the ability to connect and manage any type of data regardless of format, location, or archiving policies.

The real differentiator of Simflofy is that it does not limit itself to the standard functionality of an ECM, unlike other document management platforms. The platform is uniquely designed to protect and extend organizations’ applications and components by interoperating with their existing environment.
Simflofy, as a document management platform, is designed to allow organizations to work with other products. Users and developers can effortlessly integrate their own solutions or other content repositories to the platform. It is easy for organizations to build custom applications and components that are content-centric and add it to Simflofy without any external support.

The advanced functionalities and features of Simflofy enables organizations to focus on their business instead of building new platforms or seeking new tools for managing their documents. Simflofy takes care of all their information management requirements. “When our customers use Simflofy, they have everything they need. They don’t have to use different tools with our product to meet their needs,” Lugert informs.

Optimizing information management at its core, Simflofy offers users incredible scalability, intuitive sharing, and integrated disaster recovery—all enabled by its innovative technology stack. The Simflofy Java-based platform, underpinned by MongoDB and Elasticsearch, makes it an efficient and flexible document management system. Simflofy has a vast client base dealing with billions of documents that hold sensitive information—as a result information security is of the utmost importance with frequent and comprehensive security audits automatically configured.

We are an integration platform at the core. Our vision is to become the middleware for unstructured data,” remarks Mark Lugert, president of Simflofy.

Simflofy has forged robust partnerships with esteemed names in the information industry such as Alfresco, Nuxeo, M-Files, and Everteam to provide out-of-the-box offerings. The solution is offered to the customers in healthcare, insurance, oil and gas, banking, consulting, and government, either directly or through partners.

Looking to the future, Lugert explains that Simflofy’s document management solutions, with multiple integrations and innovative new features, are in a prime spot to fulfill organizations’ legacy modernization needs. Simflofy’s ground-breaking solution can effectively handle the unstructured data explosion and open up a potential future for document management. “Simflofy is the product that makes an entire content environment cloud-ready as soon as it is installed. While other document management systems in the market cater to only a piece of the data explosion puzzle, Simflofy bridges all the gaps in document management through its solutions,” concludes Lugert.

Simflofy News

Simflofy V3 Delivers New Records Management Capabilities

Simflofy V3 features comprehensive Records Management capabilities, reducing the need for manual processes and saving organizations valuable time spent controlling information across multiple systems.

Simflofy, an Information Management, Data Migration, and Integration Services provider has announced the launch of V3 of their Information Management platform. The new release focuses on the addition of comprehensive Records Management capabilities to enable users to seamlessly control content stored across over thirty different content management, business process, and departmental solutions via a single, central platform.

With high volumes of content living in silos across many different systems, organizations inevitably face challenges when it comes to accessing, managing, and maintaining the credibility of certain records. Without a centralized content management system to streamline records management or consolidate content governance, organizations face both deep productivity barriers as well as security and compliance risks when accessing and managing information.

Simflofy V3 helps organizations centrally manage their records, reducing the need for manual processes and saving valuable time spent searching for information across systems.

The platform offers a streamlined user experience with Govern in Place technology that allows users to easily apply retention schedules, holds, and disposition actions to content and records across all corporate content. Management of the entire record lifecycle is possible via a centralized platform, no matter how many disconnected systems and repositories the organization may be working with.

“Companies globally have important data scattered across their organization,” said Simflofy CEO, Mark Lugert. “Any modern information governance strategy must take into account where data lives and will continue to live. At Simflofy, our goal is to tackle the problem of siloed content through federation and manage in place technology, so that organizations can reclaim the time previously spent searching for content, and moving forward securely, simply, and centrally control their information and records.”

The latest version of the Simflofy platform is complete with advanced automation features, including the possibility to apply disposition schedules to content across repositories, and easily declare documents as records using metadata and status fields. Users can also build and configure custom retention schedules to automate and control the complete record lifecycle including holds, transfers, archives, and record destruction. Improved version history retention and searchable reports, along with advanced automated auditing capabilities are also among the newly enhanced features.

“Simflofy V3 is a reflection of our commitment to improving the records management process for organizations everywhere, by providing a solution truly built for users,” said Lugert. “Greater business agility starts with effective information management, and we’re on a mission to enable that within organizations.”


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Mark Lugert, President

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