FileInvite: Challenging the Status Quo in Document Collection

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James Sampson, CEO Enterprises across the globe are spending a significant amount of time managing file transfers, finding the right files, and diagnosing errors. Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Lost time is never found again.” For enterprises in today’s ambitious business realm, time matters a lot. They are also concerned about the security and reliability of the information that moves across their geographically dispersed organizations, partners, and professionals. Such hardships reveal that “old school” models for file transfer or document collection are ripe for a massive disruption. This paves the need for the development and implementation of robust solutions to manage document collection. Serving this global need is FileInvite. Backed by its founders’ industry expertise and long-standing experience in website design and development, the firm transforms the way professionals collect information from their clients.

“We simplify the entire process, making it seamless and hassle-free for our clients and their customers with our all-inclusive documentation collection platform,” says James Sampson, CEO of FileInvite. Catering to a wide range of professional services, the firm allows its clients to reroute from legacy methods, starting from requesting documents to manually chasing their customers to get records. For instance, a professional has to send an email mentioning his demand in order to get the required documents from his clients. It will be followed by a chain of emails to convey his message to the fullest that snowballs into a serious issue not only in terms of complexities, but also privacy and security.

We simplify the entire process, making it seamless and hassle-free for our clients and their customers with our all-inclusive document collection platform

In the bid to eliminate this complexity, FileInvite enables professionals to make their request through its platform by creating and sending a FileInvite with the information they require. To put this into perspective, consider a mortgage professional who requests numerous documents pertaining to loan applications from a mortgage company. With FileInvite, he can easily send a request with all his requirements in a checklist. As a response to this, the recipient can upload the requested files and information to a centralized location, which can easily be accessed by professionals. The uploaded files are automatically processed, converted into PDF, redacted, and saved in a structured audit folder within the professionals’ desired cloud storage.

To make it easier for clients, FileInvite has incorporated the option to approve or reject information on the checklist once received.
With cutting edge algorithms, the firm’s platform is fully capable of sending out automated reminders if necessary, helping clients to save time on follow-ups. In order to stay compliant and ensure privacy and security, the firm keeps the files away from emails, considering the chances of cyber incidents such as phishing or virus attacks. In a nutshell, FileInvite helps professionals achieve productivity and efficiency, security and compliance, and customer experience.

Alongside, FileInvite focuses on making file sharing easy for the end-users. Requests received via emails are also convoluted. Apart from the fact that complex loops of email can create confusion to the recipients, sending the information back to professionals via emails is a strenuous task for the end-users. FileInvite allows recipients to clearly see the items and information requested by professionals. They can digitally complete forms, sign the documents, and send it back through the same platform in an agile fashion. Designed to easily integrate with enterprise systems such as CRMs, collaboration platforms, and others, this website application which is compatible across all devices, reduces the turnaround time for the entire operation.

Such a compelling value proposition, coupled with a customer-centric approach enabled FileInvite to garner several clients across the globe. The firm identifies clients’ needs and their goals to tailor its solution to serve them with its full potential. Envisioning the future, the company is planning to expand its footprint in all parts of the world by enhancing its product.


Auckland, New Zealand

James Sampson, CEO

FileInvite is an information and document requesting solution for any business that wants to automate the process across a client base. FileInvite offers particular suitability to sectors involved in financial services, loan and mortgage applications. The service promises enhanced security over data transmission and storage over traditional email methods, adding SSL/HTTPS encryption to keep sensitive client information confidential. This, coupled with the ability to make multiple requests in one hit while tracking progress, claims to streamline a more efficient approach to data collection