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Mark Arkenau,Executive
Spending countless hours in scrutinizing heaps of paper, scouring email boxes or navigating the file directory structure on the server to find a particular document, today’s businesses are up against more challenges to promote faster processing times, improved customer service, and better allocation of resources. The growing sophistication of business content and seamless access to data is forcing organizations to employ digital document management solution for accommodating all types of content, regardless of its format and facilitate fast retrieval. While transforming paper-based documents into the digital realm, organizations have to take into consideration the associated costs to implement the right document management solution that best fits their needs. “By coupling the current technologies such as cloud, mobile and intelligent capture with our extensive experience, we strategically enable the mass digitization of documents, converting them into valuable resources and deriving business intelligence insights. This drives home the all-important return on investment, while lowering the amount of manual labor and operational cost,” says Mark Arkenau, Executive, Tronitech.

Offering document imaging solutions as a “Happy Meal”, Tronitech—a full service provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, propounds a cost effective and user friendly solution for companies wanting to automate and improve their document management processes. “Tronitech’s docTEAM Imaging Suite delivers the “recipe for success”—permitting customers the option to scan their documents from their multi-functional device, scanner or email and Tronitech will process and index securely—ready to view the next day in VAULTview ECM,” delineates Arkenau.

With an intelligent capture technology, Tronitech Capture, a scalable cloud or on-premise web-based software application scans, indexes, processes, and extracts data for quick access. The firm’s complete distributed capture and automation platform is specifically designed to streamline the process of acquiring documents and information securely and confidentially—making scanning as “PAINLESS” as possible with low indexing cost. With docTEAM Index, clients can take advantage of browser-based data entry, barcode capture, optical character reading to facilitate full-text searching, and more.

With VAULTview, you can use any browser, tablet or mobile device, and search by as many indexes to find key information

Further, it also eliminates human data entry—empowering business organizations to get a complete control over their documents.

Once the document imaging conversion process has been accomplished, the images are stored in the firm’s VAULTview ECM—a secure and accessible digital repository. “With VAULTview, you can use any browser, tablet or mobile device, print, email, annotate, highlight, redact and search by as many indexes as needed to find your key information,” says Arkenau. VAULTview changes the landscape of document management with a monthly charge of the space utilized—allowing unlimited users to efficiently broaden their processes through instant access across multiple projects, departments, and locations to collaborate together. Although VAULTview can be hosted or deployed on-premise, for the vast majority of customers who opt for hosting, Tronitech utilizes Microsoft Azure’s data centers, which meets the most stringent security regulations giving organizations the peace of mind needed to trust their data is safe. “When clients work with Tronitech, they can leverage our online document management system, without the capital investment required to design and as well as maintain their own system, eliminating IT overhead,” asserts Arkenau.

According to Arkenau, “companies are not going to stop producing paper anytime soon and our goal is to make all the data on these documents actionable.” As the trend of intelligent capture steps ahead, Tronitech works on to bring in product and service innovations with more accuracy and be a game changer in the current market—successfully implementing its solutions across all industries that wish to go paperless.


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Mark Arkenau,Executive and Bud Arkenau, President

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