SavvyDox: Next Generation Mobile Document Distribution and Collaboration

Hans Downer, CEO
As the author of two New York Times’ best sellers— ‘Blueprint to a Billion’ and ‘Mastering the Seven Essentials’—David Thomson, Founder, SavvyDox, provided business growth consulting services to CEOs worldwide. During his consulting, David discovered that decentralized organizations grappled with version control of documents sent to remote employees and lacked effective tools to collaborate with their distributed team on the contents of documents. In addition, HQ executives wanted to know if the field personnel read the documents. SavvyDox was created to address the pain points of lackluster document control. SavvyDox’s cloud based SaaS solution simplifies mobile document control, distribution, and collaboration. “Our key value proposition is the simplification of document control and collaboration providing a full parallel review with benefits similar to a face to face meeting,” asserts Hans Downer, CEO, SavvyDox.

SavvyDox’s document collaboration platform can be run on either a private or a public cloud. Every user has current copies of documents downloaded to their device from the cloud once they log in. With the goal of making the platform simple without requiring a software download, SavvyDox has added an HTML5 reader. Unlike Word Track Changes, SavvyDox allows users to easily identify and suggest changes in documents with the ability to know which pages in a multi-page document have been changed. Further, SavvyDox collects all reviewer suggested changes in a sidebar within Word providing a point and click capability to insert changes. The author retains document content control by approving the addition of reviewer suggested changes–reviewers cannot change the source document. “We have purpose built readers which preclude saving or forwarding a copy of a document to prevent unauthorized leaks of documents, giving the author complete control over who sees the document,” asserts Downer.Importantly, users receive a complete audit trail of who reviewed the document, who suggested changes and who approved changes using custom reports generated by SavvyDox. To address security concerns, SavvyDox uses BitLocker on the server, TLS on the links connecting end users to the servers and native encryption technology on user devices to secure the content.

Our key value proposition is the simplification of document control and collaboration providing a full parallel review with benefits of face to face meeting

SavvyDox provides incremental functionality that neither Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM) nor Enterprise File Sync and Share Systems (EFSS) are able to offer—the ability to provide a full parallel review with author control of document content. Downer notes that in an enterprise environment, it is often imperative for the author to retain control of the contents of a document and that is a key differentiator.

In one implementation, CGI, a global IT consulting firm, conducted executive level steering committee meetings to review progress on a large ERP implementation. Owing to the cumbersome interface of their ECM, the executives could not access the required documentation online and had to take printouts of the necessary documents. However, this led to version control discussions that would last for 10-20 minutes every meeting. The implementation of SavvyDox eliminated those time wasting discussions, resulting in a 100 percent ROI in the first month.

Incorporating new technologies, SavvyDox plans to simplify the process of reviewing documents on smartphones, integrate with the upcoming releases of MS Office, and collaborate on Excel Spreadsheets. “We see SavvyDox as the document control and collaboration solution of choice that will be integrated with multiple ECM’s, EFSS’s, and other solution suites,” concludes Downer.


Ontario, Canada

Hans Downer, CEO

Offers cloud based SaaS solution simplifying mobile document control, distribution, and collaboration