MaxxVault: Reinforcing the Power of Document Management

Bruce Malyon, CEO
The healthcare industry is one of the most information and data driven markets today. With documents and information coming in from different areas, it’s hard to imagine how all that critical data will be securely managed and organized. When you see that stack of new patient admission folders on a desk in any healthcare facility it’s the starting point of the information bottleneck that exists today in almost every industry. It’s where hardcopy data needs to be entered or integrated with today’s digital systems. So the document management journey begins.

What industries like healthcare, government and manufacturing need are enterprise document management solutions that will play a pivotal role in improving efficiency and productivity by automating document capture, enhancing team collaboration and streamlining business processes. Apart from automating file organizing tasks, another area where companies are struggling is to ensure proper file security. MaxxVault was conceptualized to address these areas of concern in 2008 when several clients asked Bruce Malyon, CEO to design a document management product and support their accounts. MaxxVault’s industry proven enterprise content management solution helps businesses improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and meet regulatory compliance. “We wanted our solution and user interface to be very flexible and simple to use but powerful—which can grow with our customers’ evolving needs,” states Malyon.

MaxxVault’s three flagship products MaxxDocs, MaxxVault Enterprise and MaxxCloud are designed for different target markets. While MaxxDocs and MaxxVault Enterprise are on premise EDMS solutions, each focuses on different market segments. MaxxDocs focuses solely on small businesses and MaxxVault Enterprise targets medium and larger companies. MaxxCloud is a wholly managed and hosted cloud document management solution that can meet the needs of any company.

MaxxVault addresses client’s security concerns by explaining their role based security model in conjunction with the traditional folder, sub-folder and document level security.
MaxxVault and MaxxCloud have over 40 unique features that can be enabled or disabled per user or group. MaxxVault further has a full user and document level audit trail that meets industry standard compliance guidelines. “Whether it’s an on premise or fully hosted cloud document management solution, we ensure the documents’ security is rock solid,” says Malyon.

Another area where MaxxVault has set its excellence is document processing automation. The firm has a robust and flexible workflow tool that allows for even complex business document processes to be easily managed and configured. MaxxVault solutions can also automate the process of indexing documents that are scanned or imported via email.

MaxxVault’s portfolio also consists of file sharing and syncing tool, MaxxSafe and embedded instant messenger, called MaxxEngage. Recently the company has released MaxxForms, a drag and drop forms designer. “Now clients can create and publish online forms in a matter of minutes instead of days with MaxxForms,” says Malyon.

With nearly a decade of experience in serving Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry, MaxxVault has maintained its competitiveness with simple user interface, flexible yet robust solution, great support, and in-house custom development services. A case in point is—Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation that needed to ensure patient information is available on-time. The management found that making copies of each patient file for every department is very tedious and expensive. It also required 10 to 15 times larger storage facility and consumed loads of time to manage and retrieve documents. MaxxVault assisted the client by providing them with Fujitsu scanners at the workstations and making MaxxVault central repository available for storing admission information. This way doctors and nurses can access patient information from a single location without having mix of electronic records and paper files.

In the days to come, MaxxVault will double the size of the workforce and will continue to work towards helping businesses save money, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and meet regulatory compliance through industry-leading document management and workflow solutions.


Bohemia, NY

Bruce Malyon, CEO and George Kelskey, CFO, Alex Johnson, VP Development

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