eBizDocs: A Short Cut to Digital Documentation

Howard Gross, President
Enterprises in the digital age are bound to secure, maintain and manage their records efficiently, as they contain variety of business critical and confidential information that is subject to state or federal privacy laws. “Since our inception, we not only have witnessed the destruction of such important business records through acts of nature such as floods, but have also seen records literally go missing with no back up at all,” says Howard Gross, President, eBizDocs. These catastrophic events have instigated the adoption of electronic records retention and retrieval as a routine and key performance indicator, amongst state agencies, businesses, and governments. “As a result, we’ve focused on being a forward-thinking technology solutions company that strives to ensure critical business continuity through efficient electronic records management,” says Gross.

Albany, NY based eBizDocs reduces its client’s reliance on paper, reclaims valuable workspace, recovers time, and chops off the unwanted expenditure associated with accessing paper records. The company enables its customers to be compliant within a legal and regulatory environment that increasingly focuses on records retention and retrieval. One aspect of eBizDocs’ model that sets the company apart from others is that they avoid turnkey solutions that simply don’t meet the diverse expectations and needs of the customers. eBizDocs invests time in developing a firm understanding of each client’s business records and discusses their vision for achieving greater efficiency. “This personalized approach allows us to recommend the most appropriate, cost effective solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations,” affirms Gross.

In recent times, the demands for environment friendly policies and practices have created greater interests and utilization of digital document imaging and cloud storage technologies amongst companies. As a result, eBizCloud, an effective cloud-based disaster recovery and backup solution, was engineered to ensure business continuity when an unexpected catastrophe occurs. eBizCloud is a secure hosted DMS, which offers the same features, capabilities, and benefits of the traditional on-site software suite, but with some major cost savings. It requires minimum up front investments, zero annual upgrade fees, affordable monthly subscription, and no hardware purchasing and maintenance.

We’ve focused on being a forward-thinking technology solutions company that strives to ensure critical business continuity through efficient electronic records management

HR related workflow can be particularly challenging as often times multiple people engage on certain documents. eBizCloud HR consists of built-in workflow features that enables the automatic routing of documents to users for processing. eBizCloud HR generates needed fillable forms within individual employee folders on eBizCloud, making this a highly efficient process for HR compliance. eBizCloud HR allows eBizDocs to apply its corporate best practices for HR departments of various organizations that tend to be document intensive. “We recently implemented this solution for a premier beverage distribution company in the Northeast,” explains Gross. “They now store their key documents in digital filing cabinets and the documents are tagged with metadata, making search-and-retrieval simple.” Also, mobility was critical for the client, and eBizCloud HR enabled their staff to access records with any internet-ready device.

eBizDocs’ strength is that it invites each client to explore and test the functionality of the system developed for them as a way to ensure that the customer has meaningful opportunities for input in the product design and service.

Currently, eBizDocs has invested in the hardware and software necessary to perform back file conversions in-house, which will enable them to keep the costs affordable for their customers. Forging ahead, seamless integration into line of various business applications is an area where eBizDocs’ cutting edge solutions will help their customers. “It will enable the simultaneous usage of multiple platforms without the need to access separate systems manually,” concludes Gross.


Albany, NY

Howard Gross, President

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