Shinydocs Corporation: Enterprise Class Solutions for Information Management

Jason Cassidy CEO
Large global enterprises are opting for rigorous strategic thinking to convert loads of data into actionable information. In response to this, CIOs are elevating the role of information management and integrating it into their corporate strategies. But with the focus of large ECM vendors on compliance, security and business processes, user experience often takes a back seat. This leads to stalled implementations, low adoption, and the use of rogue data repositories which destroys the ROI of an information management effort and leaves the company in the same out-of-compliance quagmire. An innovative effort specialized in simplifying enterprise-class Information Management business solutions and making them invisible to the end user is Shinydocs Corporation. “For nearly a decade Shinydocs Corporation has helped Fortune 500 companies develop and implement collaborative tools to increase efficiency and accelerate business processes,” says Jason Cassidy, CEO at Shinydocs.

The company’s most promising product, Shinydrive, maximizes the ROI of existent Enterprise Content Management (ECM) investments. “The big problem that prevails among large organizations is they still use unmanaged shared drives to store and collaborate on documents,” explains Cassidy. Shinydrive is the only solution that overcomes the issue by providing a transparent and familiar interface—boosting the use of company’s ECM.

With the regulatory and security issues already going through a wave, compliance is a major factor associated with information management. “Traditionally ECMs layer on additional complexities and create obstacles to a users’ day-to-day workflow,” states Cassidy. Shinydocs provides a fully compliant records management system that requires no user training to implement. CIOs often demand a secure content management solution that forces users to migrate from shared drives to a more compliant solution. However, the migration process affects existing users.
Shinydocs steps in with a unique formula, “We allow the end user to retain the same drive that they work with and migrate the data without any hindrance for a safe and secured experience,” explains Cassidy.

A testament to Shinydocs’ expertise is their recent stint with Derby City Council, UK, in delivering 100 percent adoption of the ECM and elimination of shared drives through user-led migration. “We understand the customer boundaries to build a better repository and systems,” asserts Cassidy, who also believes in identifying and converting the market gap into their strength. “We have built our products much deeper into the operating systems,” he adds. As for customization, Cassidy has set no limits. "Our customers are not limited to Application Programming Interfaces (API). Every desktop application works with our product rather than integrating applications one at a time through API interfaces,” he explains.

We provide a simple, shared drive with a familiar interface— boosting the use of company’s ECM

Envisioning Shinydocs’ future roadmap, Cassidy is focused on strengthening their relationship with Open Text Corporation—the leaders in Enterprise Information Management. “Offline use and global data distribution are the other two main areas that we are looking forward to enhancing,” he reveals. As for global data distribution, the company is looking at corporations with hybrid and on premise cloud that requires enterprise grade records and document management. “We provide a compliant technology with flexibility for data storage and usage,” he concludes. The new strategy is expected to generate huge revenues for Shinydocs as they roll out the methodology.

Shinydocs Corporation

Kitchener, Ontario

Jason Cassidy CEO

Developing and implementing collaborative tools to increase efficiency and accelerate business processes