Scan-Optics: Solutions to Facilitate a Paperless Era

The information rich documents in the enterprise are analyzed by many companies to understand past decisions and parse them to produce metrics on organizational goals and efficiencies. But, modern CIOs are often challenged with capturing generic document related information valuable to the corporation. The process requires a framework whereby the information can be recalled in a timely and organized manner. However, defining a framework and entering relevant indexes is an extremely laborious and time consuming process. Headquartered in Manchester, CT, Scan-Optics offers enterprise-level information management solutions to companies as well as Document Processing Service through its Easy.forward, Document Management-as-a-Service product.

“Following the trend of Managed Content Services, Easy.forward combines eCapture, Scanning, Intelligent Document Recognition, Data Purification, Workflow, Data Export, and Content Management,” says Warren Fisher, CEO, Scan-Optics. It comes with an EasyForwardBox, where digitally born or scanned images can be received from various departments. The process is simple—dropping the images into an EasyForwardBox or by using a secure network of attached scanners to send images directly into it. “Thereafter, Scan-Optics does the magic—capturing the required data and delivering the information in the expected format making information accessible upon the framework. Now, the customer can have a dashboard showing real-time work status as well as historical information and audit trails.”

Scan-Optics does the magic—capturing the required data and delivering the information in the expected format making information accessible upon framework

However, Fisher notices that when clients try to get started with Document Management, the amount of ‘historical’ paper often comes as a daunting task. Back.forward, a part of the Easy.forward product family, brings in a fresh concept to ease-off this hassle.
Scan-Optics authorized scanning centers pick up the ‘historical volumes of paper’ or the ‘backfile’. It preps, scans, indexes, and converts information to searchable digital content making it available in an ECM or other electronic format.

Furthermore, Scan-Optics’ Document Process Outsourcing (DPO) facilitates paper-to-digital conversion, storage/retrieval for efficient document management through high-end sophisticated capabilities for processing complex Document Outsourcing tasks. Some sophisticated DPO implementations delivered by Scan-Optics' secure HIPAA compliant facilities include State Affordable Health Care Act agencies, State Revenue Agencies, and State Social Services.

For instance, Connecticut Department of Social Services turned to Scan-Optics when they needed to improve turnaround times for document processing. The client’s offices in multiple locations were receiving almost 100 percent of paper-forms from their customers, which would be manually entered into the system. This data-entry led to low client satisfaction and unacceptable errors. In order to solve this challenge, Scan-Optics allocated its knowledgeable and experienced personnel to bring the entire agency to the new standard, optimizing the end-user experience and eliminating workflow issues at every location. “The new document processing tools allowed higher employee job satisfaction, drastically improved workflow, generated feedback, and lowered operational costs,” explains Fisher.

Fisher accredits Scan-Optics’ domain expertise in Document Management space which has translated into quality products and services that deliver lasting value. "Scan-Optics' vertical integration of hardware and software technologies with extensive DPO/BPO operations enables us to focus on narrow aspects of the Document Management process," supports Fisher. Additionally, Scan-Optics has a field maintenance unit called Access Services to install, maintain and train clients throughout North America.

Looking ahead, Fisher plans to practice continuous process improvement with innovations in three business units—Production Scanners, Access Services, and Managed Content Services (DPO/BPO). Fisher envisages, “Over the next years, we are set to expand the capabilities of Easy.forward Document Management-as-a-Service for Invoice Processing, Compliance, Backfile scanning, in Government and Healthcare markets.”




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