FIREPROOF: Business Efficiency with Innovative Document Management Solutions

Michael James, CEO
The days of storing paper documents and records are quickly coming to an end. Increasingly, organizations are utilizing document scanning to convert from paper records to digital. Digital document management offers much more than an approach to replace cumbersome paper work with digital files. It’s a comprehensive and thorough framework that transforms an organization's records—email, invoices, contracts, and other documents—into valuable resources and business intelligence insights. Grove City, Ohio, headquartered FIREPROOF helps firms reduce the costs and risks associated with information protection and storage by offering comprehensive records management, data protection, document scanning, digital storage solutions and data destruction services. “Clients have a lot of information scattered and the challenge they face is to consolidate the information into a single place. We help them in doing so,” says Michael James, CEO, FIREPROOF.

James explains that instead of wading through mounds of papers or searching through filing cabinets, document scanning allows one to quickly search through digital versions of the documents. For example, if one needs to find files that include names of a particular clients, one could quickly search the database for all instances of that name or any other text related to the reference. “A big part of our process is an integrated approach. We want to offer clients a complete document management system that can ease their burden by gathering different silos of information together,” adds James.

One of the many solutions FIREPROOF offers is ImageSilo, the cloud version of the company’s PaperVision Enterprise solution. Ben Katz, Solutions Architect, FIREPROOF advocates that cloud deployment is preferred due to the ease of implementing the solution and economical investment. It does not require IT infrastructure prerequisites so to customers who do not have access to IT departments or have overburdened IT staff, ImageSilo is a huge benefit.

“Ease of setup, combined with an intuitive interface for end-users makes the solution deployment and user adoption simple,” delineates Katz.

Additionally, FIREPROOF offers the FileBound document management solution.
FileBound provides the features needed in a global marketplace where document and information security is essential. With a robust workflow designer and integrated e-forms, FileBound offers a comprehensive document management platform with the configurability and flexibility organizations need to be successful.

Cloud deployment is preferred due to the ease of operating the solution and pocket friendly investment

FIREPROOF also offers Esker AP On-Demand Systems, which is an accounts payable automation solution featuring innovative workflow technology that integrates seamlessly into an ERP application. Esker software helps organizations improve the processing and exchange of business information via cloud-based document process automation solutions. Recently, FIREPROOF implemented Esker in a popular hotel chain. The hotel came to FIREPROOF due to existing relationship with the company and wanted to update their legacy AP systems. FIREPROOF presented the Esker solution and handled manual processing where vendor sent invoices were both physically and digitally collected along with providing data entry services for the client. Hence, the document delivery platform integrated the workflow, data extraction, and ERP system streamlining the client’s entire AP process.

FIREPROOF’s relationships with their customers is a differentiating factor for the company. “We have a thorough understanding of the business processes of our clients and we speak their language, which is not an attribute of other vendors,” adds James. In the days to come, FIREPROOF intends to continue providing the best smart office automation solutions helping companies manage information, “We want to help them store and access their information more economically and efficiently,” concludes James.


Grove City, Ohio

Michael James, CEO

Providing companies with solutions, reducing costs and risks associated with information protection and storage.